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Couples' Sex Therapy Treatment in St. George, UT

Physical and sexual intimacy is often vital to marriage. However, living a faithful LDS lifestyle can leave some married couples inadequately equipped to discuss and improve their intimacy and strengthen their marriage on that front. Couples sex therapy can help give married couples who grew up living the law of chastity the tools they need to work on this together.

Let Covenant Sex Therapy help you and your spouse work on this aspect of your eternal marriage together. We are proud to offer couples’ sex therapy sessions in St. George, UT. Gain the necessary tools to form and keep up solid, clear communication to support healthy sexual intimacy.

Our Couples’ Sex Therapy Treatment

A balance between healthy conversations around sexual intimacy and living the law of chastity is not something everyone gets to see growing up in the Church or after converting to the Church. Many parents feel uncomfortable discussing sexual intimacy, leaving their children somewhat unsure in this area, even though it can be a healthy part of any marriage.

Our sex therapists can help couples who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints get comfortable discussing intimacy and work to strengthen the health of the sexual intimacy in their marriage. We support your commitment to your faith and to your marriage and will give you the tools you need to honor and nourish both.

To set up an appointment with one of our therapists today, feel free to book online.

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