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Couples Sexual Health Therapy in Utah County

Serving Springville and surrounding areas


If you and your loved one experience issues in your intimate sexual life, you may want to seek couples sex therapy in Utah County. We focus our therapeutic approach on sexual health for those in the LDS faith. Sex with the one you love should be a spiritual experience, and with the help of the therapists at Covenant Sex Therapy, you can regain that beautiful aspect of your relationship.

Couples Sexual Health Therapy in Utah County



When you come in for couples sex therapy at Covenant Sex Therapy, you can rest assured that our therapists are experienced and trained in a wide range of sexual health problems and disorders. Whether your relationship is in jeopardy due to sexual compulsion or problematic sexual behavior, we can help.

And if you or your significant other suffer from a sexual disorder, such as vaginismus, premature ejaculation, or female orgasmic disorder, our therapists have the skills to find a solution that best suits your specific relationship needs.

To discover the many other sexual health problems that our therapists can help you with, view our services page here. If you and your partner are ready to make an appointment with one of our therapists, call us at (385) 312-9844 today.

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