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Personalized Sex Therapy

Covenant Sex Therapy was founded by Anthony A. Hughes, Ph.D., LMFT, CST. His vision was to create a highly specialized sex therapy practice for LDS, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, couples and individuals. Most sex therapy practices across the country are geared towards non-conservative or non-religious couples and individuals. Covenant Sex Therapy is really the first of its kind to have such a narrow and direct focus on sexual issues for LDS members. We are proud to offer cutting edge sex therapy approaches and techniques to our LDS community. Each and every one of our therapists understands the value system of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and is extremely well trained in sex therapy practices.


Over the years Covenant Sex Therapy has grown to bring these needed services as close to our clients as possible. Countless members and bishops have been seeking out knowledgeable therapists that are comfortable with the difficult topic of sexuality and are competent and skilled at working with this important part of each person's life.


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Some Resources

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You, Me, & We: A Practical Guide to Marital Intimacy revolutionizes the LDS cultural transformation to owning our sexuality, being brought closer to our partner through sexual intimacy, and shifting how the culture views sexuality to that of a life preserver for the Latter-day Saint. Among other topics, Dr. Hughes has included his own model of therapy suited for LDS couples, how problematic sexual behavior impacts the couple's sexual relationship, stages of life and marriage and the unique challenges throughout the life-course in maintaining a healthy sexual relationship, how to shift our cultural narrative surrounding sex, and how to talk to our children about sex. We expect that all of our clients will be reading the book as it will move them through therapy much faster.

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Dr. Anthony A. Hughes, LMFT, CST, is a noted sex therapist and devoted member of the LDS church. In What Your Parents Didn't Tell You about Sex, he shares his vast knowledge and clinical experience for LDS couples who seek to improve their sexual satisfaction, strengthen their marital bond, and glorify God through their sexual union. He has put together the best that research, theory, and thousands of hours practicing sex therapy have to offer. This book is now only available through Audible. We suggest that you purchase You, Me, & We if you'd like a paperback book. 

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We have developed the first LDS sexuality app for those members struggling in their sexual relationship. This app can be used with or without therapy. We expect that all of our clients with apple devices use the app as we assign app activities between therapy sessions and find quicker results this way. The app has over 100 different activities and sends notifications daily/weekly/monthly or on a one time basis for the user to improve their sexual relationship. There is also a notes section so that progress and insight can be added regularly and insight can be brought to therapy sessions.


Certified sex therapist, Dr. Anthony Hughes, directs a popular podcast in which he counters culture surrounding sex. “We’re actually a very sex positive people. We just don’t know it yet.” LDS (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint) culture is ready to bring a sex positive perspective into covenant marriages. Direct, but respectfully this podcast cuts through old ways of thinking and brings a healthy view of sex that’s nestled in covenant marriages.

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Staff at Covenant Sex Therapy have bolstered their knowledge and clinical skills to meet the vast array of sexual problems that face our Latter-day Saint (LDS) community. Each therapist regularly consults with Dr. Hughes to improve their expertise in sex therapy as well as participates in additional training and education in various formats so that they are at the forefront of sexuality training and skill.

We highly value relational/marital training and experience. Since couple's therapy is an integral part of sex therapy, each therapist at Covenant Sex Therapy is a competent marital therapist that prizes their ability to do work in the couple relationship. Each therapist is a highly skilled couple's therapist.

We have many therapists that are training in various additional therapy modalities such as emotionally focused therapy (EFT), internal family systems (IFS), narrative family therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, eye movement desensitization reprocessing (EMDR), and dialectical behavioral therapy (DBT) for example.

Our therapists use the Sexual Attentiveness and Accountability Model and SAAM protocol while giving you a unique therapy experience as they cater the model and protocol to you and your partner and your unique sex therapy needs.