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Covenant Sex Therapy

Who We Are


Specialized Approach

Covenant Sex Therapy caters to the sexual needs of members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We value and respect the beliefs and values of LDS and other individuals and couples of strong faith. Additionally, we offer ethical and specialized sex therapy to individuals and couples no matter what your personal or religious beliefs might be. Our sex therapists are skilled in addressing intimate issues while upholding your personal value system. We prioritize respect and understanding throughout the healing journey, especially during difficult times.

Counseling Solutions to
Meet Your Needs

Our goal is to enhance individual and couple intimacy by addressing sensitive needs and issues that can hinder healthy sexual relationships. We work with youth, families, individuals, and couples, addressing concerns such as desire, arousal, orgasm, pain, addiction/out-of-control behavior, and desire discrepancies. Our aim is to help individuals and couples overcome these challenges and foster fulfilling sexual relationships.


More than Therapy

Covenant Sex Therapy is dedicated to specializing in sex therapy. We focus solely on this area and do not claim expertise in a wide range of therapeutic issues. Just as you would consult a cardiologist for severe heart problems instead of an oncologist, it is essential to seek help from a sex therapist specialized in sex therapy when facing challenges in your sex life.

Additionally, we offer teletherapy as an alternative method of meeting.

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