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Ashley Lovell


Hey! I am Ashley Lovell. I’m a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who 

has experience and LOVES working with members of the LGBTQIA+ community as well as those who have experienced or are currently managing a faith transition. I also enjoy and have experience working with issues of sexual pain, differences in desire, premature ejaculation, "good girl syndrome," sexual abuse, dysfunctional families of origin, depression, perfectionism, and anxiety.  I obtained my masters degree from Brigham Young University and have received training in a phenomenal treatment for trauma called Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). 


Two of my life mottos are: “If I don’t like someone, I just need to get to know them better” and “Everyone makes sense in their context.”  These frameworks inform my holistic approach to treatment. Together in therapy I assist clients as they courageously explore various systems that may contribute to therapeutic issues such as familial background, religious contexts, gender, media influences, age, and cultural/ethnic factors. It is an honor for me to accompany individuals on their journey, even during their most challenging moments. Witnessing their strength and resilience is one of the highlights of my life.


I view intimacy, emotionality, vulnerability, and healthy communication as learned skills that many of us were not fully educated on. Consequently, my role in therapy is not to "fix" anyone but to provide education and support as clients navigate their current challenges and find ways to become "unstuck." In therapy, I take a client-led approach, recognizing that all individuals are capable of growth and possess the inherent ability to heal from their past. To borrow from my earlier motto “if you don’t like your self, you just need to get to know yourself better!”


 I look forward to sitting with you while you reconnect to your best self.



Individual Sessions $140

Payment Options: Credit, Self Pay, HSA and Bishop Pay



Specialties and Expertise

Top Specialties

1. Sexual shame

2. EMDR/Trauma Healing

3. Self Compassion/Perfectionism

Treatment Approach


IFS informed



Primary Location


Pleasant Grove



20 - 45


Individuals and Couples


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