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Sydney (Syd) Bean


Hello! I'm Syd (she/her), a recent graduate of UVU's Marriage and Family Therapy program and received my undergraduate degree in Human Development at BYU. My biggest goal is to provide a safe environment for individuals, couples, and families to explore the deeper and more vulnerable parts of life in order to build harmonious relationships. I have a strong belief in the importance of attachment in relationships and aim to facilitate the creation and strengthening of secure bonds for the long run. 

In my undergrad, I became aware of how integral sexuality is to being human, and how we often neglect or shame this part of ourselves. I am deeply passionate about helping individuals and couples navigate the complex interplay between sexuality and spirituality, especially when dealing with sexual or religious shame. My work focuses on improving sexual functioning, promoting sexual mindfulness, and empowering clients to embrace their sexuality with confidence and awareness. Additionally, I am passionate about providing comprehensive sex education, ensuring that individuals and couples have the knowledge and tools they need for a healthy and fulfilling sexual life.

As a way to maintain a collaborative approach, I believe in working closely with my clients to create a supportive and trusting environment. I am dedicated to sensitively challenging unhealthy beliefs, always approaching these conversations with empathy and compassion. My goal is to facilitate growth and understanding, helping you to achieve a healthier, more fulfilling relationship with yourself and others.

Outside of the office, I find joy in exercise, music and concerts, movies, crafts, and petting any dog I come across!



Individual or Couples $140

Payment Options: Self-pay; Bishop Pay, Insurance





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